Why your child should try out for our dance team?


There are many benefits about being on a dance team!  When your on a team its not about individual talent, its the entire team!  Dance Vibe teammates bring out the best in each other.  The skills developed being on a team will help your child for the rest of their life.   We take pride in teaching discipline, time management and how to take constructive criticism and grow as a person while dancing.  These skills will not only make your child a better dancer but a better person in the real world. 


Whether on local or travel teams your child will have many performance opportunities and amazing “once in a lifetime" dance experiences.  Our local teams range between 5-6 performances and our travel teams between 9-10 performances a year!  Many incredible memories made through our dance team experiences!  

Dance team season runs from mid July-April for travel & August- March for local!  If your interested in learning more about our dance teams please contact Erica at 814-455-2250 or email msvibe@dancevibestudio.com  We also have a dance team open house in the summer with information about the next dance season!