Birthday Parties

How long is a Dance Vibe Party?

  • 2 hour party start to finish
  • 1/2 set up time before event
  • After party guest arrive- 45 min of dance instruction
  • 1 hour of party time

Can we decorate for the event?

Yes!  You can decorate however you wish!  The place is all yours to create as little or as much as you want for your event!

*Table and chairs available for use. 

Cost for party?

  • Cost is $15.00 per person for Dance Vibe members.  $18 per person for Non- Dance Vibe members.
  •  Payment total will have a minimum of 10 kids and no maximum. 
  •  No charge for adults at kids party

Dance & Fun!

  Dance Vibe will customize a dance to the age and skill level of your guest during the dance instruction part.

During party time we will have a super fun dance party with limbo, cha cha silde and all your favorite dances and trampoline jump time

Party Theme Ideas


Descendants * JoJo Siwa * Frozen * Annie * Princess * Hip Hop * Broadway * Disco * Ballerina * Diva * Rock Star * Circus * Disney * Mickey & Minnie * Dora * Super Hero and many more!

Party Fun!

If you wish to have a character attend event or add games to party please inform party planner so they can plan accordingly.