To our Coaches, thank you for all your love, dedication, inspiration and support for your studentS & Dance Vibe!

Note from Miss Erica to the Vibe Family!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart in making Dance Vibe so amazing!  From my family, coaches/teachers, students near and far, YOU have helped me follow my biggest dream as a little girl and strive for greatness for our students! 

When Dance Vibe doors opened in 2008 we were destine to be "different" offer something to our community that was needed and to teach so much more then just dance!  Thank you for believing in me, our program and what Dance Vibe stands for.  It is because of all of YOU,  your support and love that Dance Vibe is successful!!  THANK YOU for letting me be part of your children's lives and their dance journey!   "To have the love of dance last a life time"   ~ Much love from Miss Erica! 

COach/Miss Tiffany

What is your favorite thing about being a dance teacher/coach?



My absolute favorite thing of being a teacher/ coach is sharing my love of dance. Sounds cheesy, but I have been dancing for 24 years and to be able to share my experiences and my love of it with others is an unbelievable feeling. When I go to the studio I don’t even consider it as work because I am doing what I love with students who I admire!  

How do your students inspire you?



When I see my students working towards their goal and finally reaching them inspires me to want to learn something new to teach them so I am always pushing them to be their best!

What has been your most memorable moment as a teacher/coach so far?


A memory I cherish in particular is from the dance year 2015-2016 when our Youth dance team scores were not reflecting the hard work and determination that had been given. At their final competition of the year, U.S. Finals in Virginia Beach, the kids went out there one last time to compete. Their end result of not every giving up and believing in themselves earned them the title of U.S. Finals 2016 Champions! Seeing the smiles on their faces, styling their winning jackets, and sporting their gold medals, made me proud to be their coach as they never gave up on each other.   

What is your favorite moment leading up to your teams performance?


 I absolutely love the moment right before the kids are to go on to perform, they create a circle to pump each other up . I then join their circle to say my inspirational words for them to carry onto the stage. I always want them to know if they go out and give 100%, no matter the outcome I am proud to be their coach! I know what they are fully capable of and they need to believe that also. 

Who inspires you in the dance world?



        I simply can not think of just one person that inspires me. I have been blessed to have been mentored by numerous teachers. They have all influenced me to want to be the best dancer and coach I can be. I look up to my boss “Erica”. I hope to one day inspire many more kids the joy to dance and  to have such a big heart like her!

What impact do you hope to have on your students for their future?



  I want my students to know that the joy of dancing is foremost, but it also involves things you can use in your daily life. Through out my many years of dancing, I have learned cooperation, organization, flexibility, patience, memorization, teamwork and a lot of the in between's. 

        To know dance is always an escape from the world. Turn on the music and just move. Soon you will forget what you were worrying about to begin with or at least for those 3 minutes.  To never give up on what they dream and know they are never too old to dance. 

       Lastly for my students, I want them to know that dancing can create lifelong friends. Memories you can and will hold dear for years to come. Whether it was dancing together, traveling out of town to a competition,  or just hanging out at the studio. My dancing years have given me some of the best times in my life because of the friends I have made. 

Proud NOte To TiffANY


As a mom and dad, nothing brings us more joy than watching our daughter grow in dance. She started at age 3, fearless on stage as we watched her first dance recital and ready to tackle the world.  After several years, we knew this was going to be something special!  Yet we certainly never imagined the full impact of what this would do for her life, and ours, for many years to come.

    Now almost 25 years later, she is still expressing her love for dance, not only on stage, but in the studio as well. She was given an opportunity of a lifetime in her college years to continue to dance at Dance Vibe.  One thing lead to another and she earned a position to coach, and eventually then went on to teach weekly classes at the studio.    

    Tiff’s passion for dance has given us the chance to meet so many people and opportunities we never dreamed.   We have been to countless competitions local and afar and wouldn’t trade a single moment. To be a part of the planning and excitement has become OUR lives as well and the memories that we have are so numerous yet so fulfilling – we just can’t imagine anything different!  We are so proud of EVERYTHING she has done and even more proud of EVERYTHING she has become!!!!!

  As a DVDT coach/teacher, we get to watch her follow her dream.  We have so much pride in her dedication and happy she is getting to share her talent, experiences, and countless hours but also something she loves to do!  When one of her teams take the stage, she is focused and ready to cheer them on knowing they are fully capable.   This was her long term goal and seeing it come true is very rewarding.      


   It is hard to put into words when we see her come on to the stage to perform, we still get nervous!  Every parent knows this feeling.  It certainly never gets old! 

   Our hearts are full to see our daughter's dreams come true. Thank you Dance Vibe, all those she has met along the way, for the love and happiness you bring to our family through our daughter. 

Love,  Tammy and Ken, Tiffany's very proud parents.


COach/miss Rachel

What is your favorite thing about being a dance teacher/coach?



My favorite thing about being a dance coach and teacher is to see these athletes week after week grow and strive to be better dancers! To be able to stand in front of them and help them become more amazing then they already are! 

Also having Coach Erica as a mentor is another favorite thing about coaching at Dance Vibe. She has lead me to become a better dance teacher and coach week by week and I cannot be more thankful for her! 

What has been your most memorable moment as a teacher/coach so far?



My most memorable moment would be when one of my senior dancers landed her pop up. The look on her face was priceless and watching her team mates cheer her on was just awesome to see. 

How do your students inspire you?



My students always inspire in ways they might not realize. They make me smile and make me want to dance with them. They continue to improve their dancing and tricks. 

Sometimes they say “ I can’t do this” “ I’m tired” “ I had a tough day at school” but then they come to practice, leave everything at the door and just dance. 

What is your favorite moment leading up to your teams performance?



My favorite moment leading up to their performance is when they do a team huddle and it’s just them. They pump each other up before every competition and I absolutely love that. 

Who inspires you in the dance world?


Matt Steffanina

What impact do you hope to have on your students for their future?


 Do not give up on something you love. Keep striving to be the best performer you can be. You never know who is watching you and wants to be just like you. Always have fun when you’re dancing. 

Proud Note to Rachel

Proud note to Coach Rachel :)


Rachel has always loved to dance and jumped in with a furry when she was 5. For the past 22 years, she has embraced every aspect of dance with a passion that amazes me.

She is a mentor to the younger dancers and looks forward each day to pass along her knowledge and love of dance through her teaching and coaching. 

Rachel, I have cherished every minute of traveling with you and watching you dance and would not have missed that for anything in the world! You have grown into a beautiful young woman and an amazing dancer, and I am SO happy that I was a part of it. I know you will always keep that strong will and passion you have for dance, and use that in everything you do in life. 

Rachel...I am SO PROUD of you! My daughter, my best friend and my strength!! 

I LOVE YOU!😊❤️ Mama


Dance Team Trainer- Coach KATE

I enjoy watching the girls get stronger each week. I like to see them push themselves and encourage each other!




I hope they understand how strong they are and appreciate what they are capable of. I want them to realize how much strength plays a role in being a good dancer.