Dance Sessions

Dance Sessions at the VIBE!

Children love to dance, however we realize that some children/families just can’t make a year-long commitment to dance. We want children to be able to participate in other activities too, so we offer sessions that allow you to take time off when you needed. 

Our sessions run for a total of  9 weeks, with an additional free 10th week showcase class.  Sessions are offered in Hip Hop, Tiny Toes Tap/Ballet & Tap/Jazz, Acro/Hip Hop!

Parents and family are all welcome to the showcase class to see choreography and dance skills the students have learned each session.

Please visit the contact page to send your information to learn about our next available session! 



Once A Month Adult Hip Hop


Calling all fun adults!!!!  This class is a BLAST!  Stay tuned to Dance Vibe's Facebook event page to find out when the next Once A Month Adult Hip Hop class will be!  $8.00 per person! 

My Child & Me Class



My Child & Me Aqe 2 & 3- It’s time to giggle and wiggle with your child. This is a 45 minute class where your child will play, sing, clap, move and shake to music and some of your favorite nursery rhymes. This class is designed for the children and parents to enjoy singing, stretching, music, props, circle games and tons of fun.