Classes Offered at the VIBE...

(Not all classes below offered at the same time, each session is subject to change)

Hip Hop - One of the most popular dance forms today...hip-hop is street dancing that incorporates the break down of dance moves, which are then put into fun and fast paced combinations. Hip-hop teaches endurance, strength, rhythm and timing, isolations, and a great deal of torso movements. Hip hop dancing is evolving in many different directions today and is often performed in unison and provides the visual accompaniment to singers in live performances or on music videos.

Call about our once a month adult hip hop class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiny Toes - These classes offer a combination of tap and ballet. Dancers will build a very good understanding of the basic principles in each of the disciplines. These classes place much emphasis on fl exibility, endurance, dance etiquette, poise, grace and balance. Your child will be learning short dances and basic concepts of strength and coordination.

Stretch N Flex (Acrobatics)- This class will take you through an easy pattern of stretching with focus on strength and balance. Basic tumbling includes backbends, cartwheels, handstands/headstands, rolls and walkovers. Ages 5 and up.

Zumba- See Zumba Page

My Child & Me Aqe 2 & 3- It’s time to giggle and wiggle with your child. This is a 45 minute class where your child will play, sing, clap, move and shake to music and some of your favorite nursery rhymes. This class is designed for the children and parents to enjoy singing, stretching, music, props, circle games and tons of fun.




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